Once, the world was but a void, an unborn fetus lying in wait. Then, a flicker of light, and a shadow emerged. Thus began existence. Light and Dark rose from the nothingness and a universe of planets, moons and stars exploded awake in their birth. But yet, the universe is quiet.

Light and Dark's touch reached all over creation. A planet desolate of anything bore fragments of the universe's creation. And from those fragments rose Nature, and Time. With their birth, the planet flourished with life. Trees, beasts, and monsters. Nature and Time relied on one another, for one could not exist without the other, much like their predecessors. So they placed a fragment of themselves within a husk, a vessel, creating humanity. 

Man took the world by storm, as if existence was made purely to be conquered. From the splendor of man rose a great one, a king. King Ren took his seat at the top of his castle, watching over the lands that man called home. He took a queen for his own, and she sat with him. Light and Dark however, did not like the power King Ren held over his men, as their will should be held higher. Instead of destroying the humans, they made a deal with the king. For what is a god without believers?

King Ren made a deal with Light to allow his kingdom to uphold it's will. For a long time, it worked. The Kingdom of Light nourished all of humanity with great wealth and success, until the downfalls out weighed the benefits. People started to long for the dark, as the light eventually became too much to bare. The King met with Dark to arrange a transfer of service, and Light wasn't pleased. It was only fair that the time for darkness would come, as the people are tired and long for change.

Light threatened to destroy the land if the King would go to Dark, and thus began the Everlasting War. Knowing the power the beings of Light and Dark held on humanity, the King visited his royal arcanist, Adriatus Kel. The King and Adriatus formed the mark of Disparity, preventing the will of the ancients to bend the minds of those who bear it.

Unable to choose a side, as both would lead to the destruction of humanity, King Ren disappeared with his queen. A kingdom without a king is not a kingdom at all.

Messages of Light and Dark flooded the humans minds, sending the more malleable humans mad.